To preserve and improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental well being of Inner South Canberra and the Inner South Canberra Community.

Record of Public Forum – 7 February 2023

  1. Record of public forum
  2. Reports from breakout groups
  3. Key Implications of the proposed new Territory Plan
    1. Does it address key issues raised by inner south residents in the ISCCC’s 2019/20 online survey? Marea Fatseas, ISCCC Chair
    2. What are the proposed changes in decision-making about DAs? Tim Field, ISCCC Committee Member
    3. Taking three case studies, what is the difference between the current and proposed approach? Richard Johnston, retired planner/architect and current President, Kingston and Barton Residents Group and comparison
  4. Key Implications of the ACT Government’s proposed new Inner South District Strategy
    1. Local or District Strategic Planning. Richard Johnston
    2. What are the implications for heritage. Sue Tongue, Griffith Narrabundah Community Association and Anne Forrest, Deputy Chair ISCCC
  5. Maps:
    1. Fig 36: Inner South – Sustainable neighbourhoods. This map was provided by the ACT Government after the 7 Feb ISCCC public forum and provides higher resolution than an earlier map. Please read the legend on the second page that explains the yellow, pink and red shaded areas. They represent Urban Character types and the legend says that how they would inform changes to zoning requires further analysis. For an idea of what each character type means in terms of building height – see pages 132 to 134 of the draft District Strategy
      2. General Urban – Medium rise up to 3 storey apartment buildings
      3. Urban Centre – Medium to high rise up to 6 storeys
      4. Urban Core – High rise buildings greater than 6 storeys

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