Public Forum 11 July 2017

PUBLIC FORUM 11 July 2017

7.00 pm Eastlake Football Club,

3 Oxley St, Griffith

  •  Towards Zero Emissions: Win-win?
  • Can we reduce our energy use and our bills?
  • Can we better manage the treed landscape in the Inner South?
  • How can we manage storm water to keep our waterways healthy?


7 pm Introduction: Marea Fatseas, Chair ISCCC.

7.05 Blueprint for a Zero Emissions Territory: Antonio Mozqueira, Manager, Climate Change Policy, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development.

 7.20 The Inner South Urban Forest: Stephen Alegria, Acting Director City Presentation, Transport Canberra and City Services.

7.35 H2OK Keeping our Waterways Healthy – Stormwater: Kathryn Rhook, Project Officer, Catchment Management and Water Policy, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development.

7.50 Q&A with panel of the three speakers plus Chris Glennon, Manager, Catchment Management.

8.50 Wrap-up Chair ISCCC

 As the Agenda is very tight, this timetable will be strictly observed and a bell sounded when time is up.  For Q&A, questioners will have 30 seconds.

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