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Have your say on waste

Have your say on waste

The ACT generates approximately one million tonnes of waste each year.  The government plans to lift the resource recovery of waste from 70% to 90% by 2025 and is seeking our views and ideas to make this happen.

It has developed a Roadmap to Improved Resource Recovery which identifies recommendations and initiatives to help drive change in the ACT community, businesses and waste industry.

The roadmap recommends that we

  1. Promote better waste management behaviour
  2. Divert organics from landfill
  3. Support and develop industry to process waste
  4. Consider waste-to-energy options

This is a great opportunity for us all to participate on an issue which affects everyone in the ACT, particularly the waste-to-energy issue, in the context of the current proposal to develop a waste processing facility in Fyshwick

Review the Roadmap and share your ideas on the recommendations and initiatives by 18 June 2018.

See the website: and send your comments to: