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Self-Government Act under Review

A Legislative Assembly committee will review the ACT Self-Government Act, which could pave the way for changes to the size and make-up of the Assembly.

The act was passed in 1988 and determines the whole governance structure for the Territory. It covers the size of the Assembly and the number of ministries in the Government.

But Standing Committee chair and Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury says recent debate about increasing the number of MLAs was not the reason for the review. He says there has been talk about reviewing the act for years and the time is right to do it now.

“The Self-Government Act of course sets the boundaries within which the ACT Assembly operates. There’s certainly been over time significant commentary on the need to review the act,” he said.

“The committee has resolved that now is the right time to undertake that review and get as much public engagement in that review as we can.” But he says any recommendations for change would still need to be approved by the Commonwealth.

“The Commonwealth has indicated that it is open to the ACT undertaking a review and making suggestions on areas we believe need to be amended,” Mr Rattenbury said.

Public submissions to the review can be made until March.

ABC, 8 December 2011, by Anna Morozow

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