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Proposed Redevelopment of Inner South Public Housing consultation extension

Proposed Redevelopment of Inner South Public Housing consultation extension

From Canberra Times 27 September 2014

ACT Government extends consultation period for this proposal, which will now not be released for public consultation before 2015.  More…

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  1. Greta Nielsen

    Thanks for keeping on top of this development. I have lived in Red Hillsince 2004, owning a house across from the public housing since 2001. Redevelopment is needed, but it’s the “how” which concerns me. For years, I’ve endured problems rather unique to living opposite public housing, on a main street, on a corner block. As a whole, the ACT government is negligent. Whether it has been lighting, traffic, local crime & vandalism, domestic violence, footpaths for the elderly or those with children, I have contacted MPs in writing, TAMs or Crime Stoppers direct on many occasions & got little to no action much of the time. The attitude to development, in particular, is blase & non transparent. A house diametrically across from me was demolished & a huge structure put up with no notice whatsoever. When I rang ACTPLA about it, I was confronted with so much bureaucracy for a busy working person, I gave up. On this development, I was not assured by responses at the general community meeting at St Bedes. In particular, Canberra has a healthy history for mixed housing developments & while I’ve lived withthe downsides of being next door to some people who are on welfare, the fact remains as a society we have a duty of care to people of diminished ability to support themselves economically. I’m speaking of persons with intellectual or mental disability, certain low income families etc. Some are just not as lucky. Pushing them out to the fringes is not socially acceptable & it does dissent in society. So, the affordable public housing stock needs to remain, but the answer I got was evasive. At the same time, this development needs to be sensitive to its location. That’sa significant area of land with wide, unused set backs, central squares that don’t appear well used & a rickety playground. I do not want an 8 storey highrise! But, I think it’s eminently possible to use the space more efficiently with lower level buildings. Over densification reduces privacy & sows friction too among neighbours. Thirdly, we have to head off increased traffic resulting from this redevelopment. Canberra loves cars & they’re too numerous as is. My air quality is precious to me. Make sure we have more frequent bus services than the paltry one that goes to Red Hill or the bus to Woden. All told, letting the developers run this development will not give the optimum results forthe residents of Red Hill.

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