To preserve and improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental well being of Inner South Canberra and the Inner South Canberra Community.

Inner south launches new bid to ward off further densification

The ACT Government has been put on notice about any proposed densification of the inner south, with the area’s community council issuing its own district plan rejecting any attempt to rezone residential areas for multi-unit development.


  1. Jo Simpson

    What is the ISCCC’s position in developing existing housing? I live in an RZ1 area in a 1980s house. I’m not able to develop my home to better suit our family due to severe restrictions on the built footprint for our zone. Meanwhile just over the road McMansions are built covering the entire block. It’s frustrating that we can’t better utilise our space, and navigating Canberra planning rules is a nightmare. Would appreciate your thoughts on other forms of development, seperate from multi-unit development.

  2. john

    I support increased density in the inner south. Its incredibly unfair of rich older landowners to use their political sway to increase housing costs for the next generations. We need more density along with better infrastructure.

  3. Christine

    We think it is time silly comments like that from John above be dispelled once and for all. We are elderly and live in the inner south. Apart from one other elderly couple, the majority of our neighbours are young professional or trade people, or operating their own businesses. They all have young families. They want a free-standing house with a backyard and garden for their children to grow and prosper. Instead of the tired old socialist whinging from John, maybe he could work hard like they did and then he too could afford to buy a home in the inner south instead of expecting other people to give up what they have worked hard for just so people like him can come and live here without any effort on their part whatsoever.

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