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Petition Calls on ACT Government to Move Waste Proposal

Petition Calls on ACT Government to Move Waste Proposal

An online petition calling on the ACT Government to find alternate sites for two proposed waste processing facilities in Fyshwick has been lodged on the ACT Legislative Assembly website. Principal petitioner and President of the Fyshwick Business Association, Rob Evans, said the association supported better resource recovery, but the impact of the proposed facilities was too high a price to pay.

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  1. Lucy Iannelli

    As a Narrabundah resident of some 30 years, living within 1 km of the proposed Ipswich Street waste recycling facility, I am deeply concerned as to the implications of these waste management proposals not only for local residents but also businesses and visitors to the area. Although the developers insist that there will be limited concern regarding odours, emissions, particle matter and fires, the proposed location is totally unsuitable from a community and business perspective. A recent recycling fire in Melbourne as well as the fire in Sydney last year are proof that fires are not uncommon and are a danger to the community; and what of the childcare centres and businesses in the area? As a local resident of many years I have personally experienced the growth in activity at the Mugga Lane facility and the corresponding increase in transport traffic, the refuse (papers, dumping of materials etc) along the roadside and the odours. Visitors to the well established businesses in Fyshwick, the Fyshwick Markets and the Wetlands could not be blamed for looking for alternate locations to visit rather than fighting traffic congestion and odours and emissions. Also prospective homebuyers could not be blamed for avoiding purchasing properties in the area.

    The huge increase in the movement of large transport vehicles will clog-up traffic movement and cause congestion not only in the business district but also on major arterial roads including Canberra Avenue, Hindmarsh Drive and the Majura Parkway – all major entry points into Canberra City and the Parliamentary Triangle for work commuters and business interests.

    We all acknowledge the need for recycling and want to do our bit for the environment but, please, this is not an appropriate location for this facility. The developers and local government will laugh all the way to the bank but the local community will lose out not only in dollar terms but lifestyle and comfort. We all have the right to enjoy our homes or businesses which we have worked all our live to establish for ourselves and our families. The already established railway siding will save the developers money but will cost the community dearly.

    Please listen to the community whose lives and livelihoods will be affected by the these recycling facilities.

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