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Have your say on proposed 1.1 million tonne waste and recycling facility in Fyshwick

Have your say on the proposed massive 1.1 million tonne waste and recycling facility next to Domayne and near Bunnings in Fyshwick. This is in addition to the existing CRS proposal for a waste facility off Ipswich Street in Fyshwick.
The proponents are Hi-Quality Group and they are holding three online information sessions on 9, 12 and 14 May. Go to:
Possible issues to explore are:
  1. Will waste be imported from interstate and if so, how much and from where? (the amount to be processed far exceeds the ACT’s total waste stream of about 1 million tonnes, most of which already goes to recycling facilities at the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre or the concrete recycling facility in Pialligo).
  2. What will be the impact on air quality in Fyshwick and surrounding suburbs of the proposed air burning of wood waste? (See page 23 of the proponents’ planning report to the ACT planning authorities at: ).
  3. Given that asbestos, toxic materials, timber, oil and other highly flammable materials will be on the site, how will fire risk be managed?
  4. How will the community feedback from these online information sessions be used?
For some further background on waste management proposals for Fyshwick and possible implications, see an ISCCC opinion piece in Riot-ACT in July 2019 at:

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  1. Peter Mills

    Just a stupid proposal for reasonably clean smelling fyshwick, purely because the railway line is adjacent, if govt was serious the rail to Hume needs to be refurbished and many businesses will come. Hume is suitable, Fyshwick is not. Forward thinking needs to be done by the electorate and politics needs to take these ideas on board.
    On another point just look at the rubbish that accumulates around Mugga tip now due to spillage and wind, Fyshwick around Domayne would be the same and road intersections nearby are not suited for hundreds of the rubbish trucks every day.

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