To preserve and improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental well being of Inner South Canberra and the Inner South Canberra Community.
From 2012 to 2013 – Inner South Canberra Community Council

From 2012 to 2013 – Inner South Canberra Community Council

We at the Inner South Canberra Community Council wish you a safe and pleasant festive season. Below are a few notes about meetings in 2013 and a brief summary of what we’ve done in 2012.

The ISCCC Committee has developed its draft meetings schedule for 2013.  Further meetings will generally be advertised on this website. The community is welcome to attend these meetings.

We have had an interesting year with some major successes and reasonable progress. Some highlight which all relate to working on behalf of the community include:

Submissions on:

  • Draft Variations to the Territory Plan Numbers 306 and 307 – these relate to overall planning and the Griffith Brumbies site development
  • the ACT Government draft Planning Strategy,
  • the ACT Government Weathering the Change Draft Action Plan 2,
  • the ACT Government Draft Transport For Canberra Strategy,

The ISCCC has also considered and commented on issues such as bus stops and bus transport plans, Manuka Oval development, trees.

The ISCCC has also:

  • Hosted a Council Forum on the draft Transport for Canberra Strategy and Park and Ride, Bike and Ride proposals, and a public transport survey
  • Hosted a presentation on the Kingston Arts precinct
  • Held a forum to discuss issues associated with pre DA consultation
  • Hosted a Meet the Candidates forum before the October election

Through its member groups, the ISCCC has also

  • Contributed strongly to the debates on the future of the Canberra Brickworks
  • Participated in various ACAT submissions with a view to protecting the character of the Inner South
  • Carried out a survey on transport issues in the Inner South
  • undertaken significant work on addressing the development of the Brumbies site in Griffith
  • Letter box dropped a number of newsletters from the ISCCC and its member residents groups
  • supported and facilitated the establishment of the Kingston and Barton Residents Group, and welcomed it as a member of the ISCCC
  • welcomed the Oaks Estate Progress Association as a member of the ISCCC
  • published amonthly column in the Canberra Chronicle and regular Chronicle articles covering ISCCC and constituent group issues

For further information please contact us at

With best wishes

Gary Kent


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