Dual occupancy and strata title to be allowed on nearly 800 Fluffy blocks

Planning Minister Mick Gentleman advises the Government has issued Draft Variation to the Territory Plan No. 343 which applies new planning rules to blocks that have been surrendered under the ‘Mr Fluffy buyback scheme’ and are greater than 700 square metres. DV 343 is available here.  More…

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  1. Anon

    I live next to a Mr Fluffy property of ~1000 square metres, and the property adjacent to it is also a Mr Fluffy property. If/when both blocks are rezoned to RZ2, is there any risk of developers buying both blocks, combining them and building a set of units or townhouses? I certainly did not buy in a RZ1 area to live next to that, or with the expectation that individual blocks around me could be rezoned to RZ2 without my block also benefiting.

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