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Chairman’s Column, August 2015

Chairman’s Column, August 2015

Despite our best efforts, the ACT Government and the inner south Canberra community seem as far apart as ever on the Manuka land swap debacle.

The Government is pressing on with its plans to redevelop Montgomery Oval and the adjacent tennis courts, and the future of the Manuka Childcare Centre (MOCCA) is still very much up in the air.

Unless a compromise can be reached, Telopea Park School will lose a valuable piece of recreational land and MOCCA, which has been a much loved institution in Manuka for many decades, will lose its current home.

The ISCCC is determined to make the Government aware of the strength of local feeling on the matter. The proposed land swap has been a fiasco from the beginning, and early assurances that all stakeholders had been consulted and were happy with the arrangements have proven ill-founded. Watch this space!

Local residents also remain concerned about the scale of the Red Hill Public Housing re- development proposal. This is a town-centre sized development in a local-centre location and will impact significantly on traffic in the area.

The ACT Government appears to have disregarded community feedback against the scale and height of the development. Anyone sharing these concerns can contact the Red Hill Residents Group at or by writing to the Inner South Canberra Community – contact details on our website

The ISCCC is gravely concerned about proposed changes to the National Capital Plan that would severely reduce the planning responsibilities of the National Capital Authority (NCA) in favour of giving more power to the ACT Government.

Gary Kent, Chair ISCCC

We think this will compromise the national capital values of Canberra and mean that suburban development will mushroom into areas of the ACT previously considered sacrosanct. Our submission to the NCA expressing our fears can be found at our website.

Gary Kent Chair

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