Investing in streetscapes and open green spaces is more important than ever

An online survey by the Inner South Canberra Community Council conducted before the COVID-19 crisis, found 71 percent of respondents highly value the street trees, vegetation, gardens and wide streets that make up the streetscapes of Inner South suburbs and 69 percent also highly value recreation spaces such as parks, ovals and bushland

Summary of inner south residents group activities relating to trees, streetscapes and open space

A key finding of the ISCCC’s online survey in 2019/20 was that inner south residents value most highly our streetscapes and open spaces. By streetscapes, we mean the street trees, vegetation, gardens and width of streets. By open spaces, we mean the parks, ovals and bushland for recreation.

Public Health Emergency in the ACT

A Public Health Emergency has been declared in the ACT for the response to the COVID-19 (corona virus) pandemic. Find out what this means and what the current situation is at: That ACT Health web page is updated daily and is the single source of truth for public information…

Updated requirements for pre-Development Application consultation from 1 January 2021

The ACT Government has accepted all recommendations of a review into pre-Development Application community consultation. See the link to the Review report here. It is pleasing to see that from 1 January 2021, the types of proposals subject to pre-DA community consultation will expand to include Estate Development Plan DAs…

ISCCC Public Forum 11 Feb 2020: New rules for green space/trees in residential zones, and light rail update

Join the ISCCC at our public forum on 11 February to find out about proposed new ACT Government rules about the amount of green space and number of trees to be required on new or redeveloped residential blocks in Canberra. Have your say on whether the new rules are the…