Call for volunteers to assist with ISCCC response to EIS for light rail stage 2b to Woden

In the next few months, the ACT Government will issue an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in relation to Light Rail Stage 2b to Woden, and the ISCCC is seeking relevant expertise in the community to respond to the many issues covered by the EIS. Our focus will be on putting together a submission that is objective, evidence-based and relevant.

If you have relevant expertise in any of the following fields relevant to light rail, and would like to assist the ISCCC, could you please let us know at

  • Air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change
  • Relevant hazards and risks
  • Biodiversity and environment
  • Trees
  • Landscape and visual impacts
  • Noise and vibration
  • Water and hydrology
  • Contamination and soils
  • Waste, energy and resources
  • Traffic and transport
  • Social and economic impacts
  • Utilities and services
  • Land use impacts
  • Heritage


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