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Assurance for Manuka oval and stands

Assurance for Manuka oval and stands

The Canberra Times Letters to the Editor 9 March 2016

Further to Nick Swain (Letters, March 8), the GWS Giants proposal recommends that the oval and stands ultimately remain under the control of a community-owned trust similar to the SCG Trust and Melbourne Cricket Ground model.
I can also confirm the facility upgrade will make provision for future expansion.
The unsolicited bid process, which most jurisdictions have, is designed precisely for unique proposals. To rule them out in effect stifles innovation and creativity – not something Canberra would want to do, I would have thought. All feedback is welcome at
Richard Griffiths, chief operating officer, GWS Giants Football Club

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  1. Nick Swain

    As feedback is welcome I suggest that the proponents and the ACT government hold a public meeting to brief the general public about the proposal as it currently stands, how the proposal will be assessed and the opportunities for comprehensive community input. The round of briefings is appreciated but they don’t constitute consultation. Looking forward to more engagement with residents from Greater Western Sydney Giants.

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