ACT Auditor-General’s report into certain Land Development Agency acquisitions

The ACT Auditor-General has released the Performance Audit Report No 7/216 titled ‘Certain Land Development Agency Acquisitions’. The report looks at the acquisition of land adjacent to Glebe Park, and lands leased by Mr Spokes Bike Hire and Dobel Boat Hire. The report concluded:

“Transparency, accountability and rigour have been lacking in the processes used by the Land Development Agency for acquiring the three sites and two associated businesses considered in this audit. Without these the integrity and probity of the acquisition processes cannot be demonstrated. Although the acquisitions were few, and comparatively small in financial value compared with many of the Land Development Agency’s other transactions, given the significance of the findings an independent audit of other activities of the Land Development Agency seems prudent. Accordingly, the ACT Audit Office will consider conducting a broader audit on the Land Development Agency.”

A copy of the report can be viewed here…

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