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WCCC is an incorporated, voluntary, not for profit, non-political, community-based association representing the interests of the local residents and communities in Weston Creek.

  • Heritage to be showcased in Deakin

    22 September 2023Heritage to be showcased in Deakin
    The Deakin Residents’ Association is delighted to announce that the ACT Government has approved a grant of $14,780 for the Deakin Residents’ Association (DRA) to undertake a project under the ACT Heritage Grants program 2023-2024 for Discovering and valuing Deakin’s heritage
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  • Public Meeting – Urban planning for liveability and climate change

    4 August 2023
    Please register to attend at: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZItfuqupj4pHNU2KwwmURRoaBowmcq5uK0J Draft meeting Agenda: Welcome: Marea Fatseas, ISCCC Chair Presentations 7.05pm – 8.10pm  An overview on urban planning for liveability and climate change Emeritus Professor Barbara Norman, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Canberra, Chair of National Urban Policy Forum, author “Urban Planning for Climate Change”.  HOW Missing Middle redevelopment has been delivered before and ...
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  • Have Your Say By 3 March 23 On The Territory And District Strategy

    26 February 2023Have Your Say By 3 March 23 On The Territory And District Strategy
    The ISCCC has drafted the attached recommendations in response to the ACT Government’s draft Territory Plan and District Strategy, which will have far-ranging impacts on the inner south and Canberra in the years to come. The ACT Treasury has just released its latest population projections, which indicate that the population of the inner south may increase ...
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  • Investigation areas for possible urban infill

    18 February 2023Investigation areas for possible urban infill
    The ACT Government has now provided high resolution maps, at the ISCCC’s request, so that Inner South residents can have a clearer idea of potential implications of the Government’s draft new Inner South District Strategy. Click to open Figure 31 highlights (in yellow) Future Investigation Areas Click to open Figure 36 highlights (in yellow, pink and red) Urban Character ...
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