ISCCC Submission: Canberra Brickworks Redevelopment: Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Application No. EIS201900047

This EIS process provides an important opportunity to review the extent to which the planning for
the precinct to date meets important Commonwealth and ACT Government requirements, specifically:
• Commonwealth – in relation to protection of the critically endangered Golden Sunmoth
• ACT Government – wide range of issues outlined in the Scoping Document.

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Access to Old Development Applications and DA Exempt Knock-Down Rebuilds

The ISCCC has asked the ACT Planning Minister to introduce two reforms to the ACT planning system, in addition to other welcome initiatives that have already occurred. These new reforms are (1) tighten up planning approvals for knock down/rebuilds and (2) place old Development Applications (DAs) on the Planning Directorate…

ISCCC Submission on Commonwealth Park to Woden Light Rail Project

The ISCCC has lodged this submission in relation to the referral by the ACT Government to the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy of the Light rail stage 2(b) project (Commonwealth Park to Woden) for assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act. The ISCCC has called for an assessment by an independent public inquiry.