Category: Planning & Development

Proposed expansion of Fyshwick metal recycling facility

Have your say on Development Application DA201935337, a proposal for new machinery to enhance a metal recycling operation in Fyshwick. A key issue is proposed open air shredding of metal. US studies indicate that each tonne of steel that is recovered in a similar process is expected to produce about 300 kg of residue, comprised of plastics, rubber, glass, foam and textiles, contaminated by oil and other fluids. In the proposed open air shredding process an appreciable amount of microscopic particles from car interiors and paint will escape into the air as dust. An inner south resident has undertaken the attached analysis of issues that may need to be addressed. Closing date for representations to DA201935337 is Friday 14 June up to midnight.

ISCCC expresses concern to ACT Legislative Assembly Inquiry about building quality

The ISCCC has declared that while some limited progress has been made recently to address building quality, for example the increased verification of skills and qualifications of builders, there remains much to be done. Any suggestion that the task has been substantially addressed is unrealistically optimistic or just political “spin”.

ISCCC calls for better community engagement on local area planning

ISCCC Chair, Marea Fatseas, called for better community engagement on planning for our suburbs at a public forum on 10 September organised by the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA). Over 400 people attended the public forum, introduced by Jon Stanhope, at which a keynote address was delivered by Jack Waterford. The Lake Burley Click for full article