To preserve and improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental well being of Inner South Canberra and the Inner South Canberra Community.
Newsletter – May 2011

Newsletter – May 2011

Welcome to another news update from the Inner South Canberra Community Council.  Since we last wrote in December 2010 the ISCCC has continued to participate in a range of planning matters including:

  • Establishing residents groups for Red Hill (contact Penny Emmery; and Deakin (contact Krystyna Fitzgerald
  • Looking to establish residents groups for the remaining inner south Canberra suburbs.
  • Supporting the Yarralumla Residents Association in a number of ways to comment on the proposed Canberra Brickworks development
  • Supporting the Griffith Narrabundah Community Association in:
    • objecting to the proposed Brumbies development at the former South
      Canberra bowling club site; and
    • objecting to the All Bar Nun proposed development at the Griffith Shops.
  • Seeking other Community Councils’ agreement to develop a combined proposal on how to fix the planning system and how the Councils would wish it to operate into the future.
  • Participating in the ACT Government / industry / community councils Planning and Development Forum.
  • Contributing to the withdrawal and reconsideration of the Territory Pan Draft Variations 301 and 303
  • Attending the ACT Combined Community Councils meeting on 19 March 2011.  Guest speakers included Jure Domaset of the Doma Group (developers) and Marie Coleman who has many claims to fame including being a resident activist in Dickson.

In 2011 Council forums were held in February and March on the following topics:

24 February – establishing residents groups in Red Hill and Deakin.

Guest speaker David Dawes (ACT Government, Department of Land and Property Services on planning post the Hawke report and proposed development in the Brickworks

  • environs presentation on the Canberra Brickworks
  • discussion on roads developments Deakin /Yarralumla / Molonglo
  • Brumbies residential proposal Griffith former bowling club site
  • French Australian Pre-School Proposal Astrolabe St. Red Hill

24 March: The case for Suburban and Regional Strategic Plans to underpin the Territory Plan – guest speakers Hamish Sinclair (Planning Institute of Australia)
and Brendan Baxter (Australian Institute of Architects).

The Committee is keen to do more for the inner south Canberra community but to do this we need your help.  In particular we are looking for people with the time and skills for the following tasks:

  • Public Relations and Media Communications;
  • Web Manager:
  • Auditor; and
  • Researchers.

On an administrative note, in the interest of supporting the residents’ groups the ISCCC has a principle of not circulating individual submissions, letters, opinions etc when they are available elsewhere, such as the ISCCC or other websites. It will be up to the residents groups to circulate such documents if they want to.  However, the ISCCC will make submissions in support of residents groups, when so requested by the residents groups.

In other news:

  • The ISCCC has received generous grant funding from the ACT Government to assist in its 2010-11 operations.
  • The ISCCC website was launched –
  • We continued providing monthly articles for the City Chronicle.
  • We commenced preparation of Strategic and Business Plans.

For further information or comment please refer to the ISCCC website or email us at

Messages from other organisations

And finally, the following is advised for your information:

  1. The Canberra Horticultural Society, the ANU and the National Trust is holding
    the following symposium

Heritage and Planning: partners in development

Saturday 23 July 2011, 9am – 4.30pm

Details including the call for papers are in the attached document

  1. Planning Canberra’s commercial zones  The ACT Planning and Land Authority is seeking community comment on its review of planning and development policies for Canberra’s commercial zones.  The media release is attached.

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