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Friends of Manuka Pool

Friends of Manuka Pool have established a website in response to the ‘Manuka Green’ proposal.  More…


  1. Annabel Wyndham

    I would like to join in the opposition to this proposal. I live in Duffy but appreciate the Manuka that we have and think this development will destroy it.
    I agree with Clive Hamilton’s article (Canberra Times May 7, 2016) that Phillip would be a better site: development would work there, it could happen in cooperation with the two clubs and there is parking and public transport on hand.

  2. Brian Whitton

    In case you are unaware, the ACT Government is also seeking to push through another urban development in West Tuggeranong despite overwhelming opposition expressed in initial consultations by the local community .

    Just like the Manuka pool development, the proposed Thompson development will negatively affect the local amenity enjoyed by many Canberrans and threatens to adversely impact the natural environment and local species. The Government has just announced that it is proceeding, undeterred, with Phase 2 of public ‘consultations’.

    A Save the Murrumbidgee Corridor Group has been established to oppose this unwanted development. (

    I believe the Manuka and Murrumbidgee causes have much in common. It would be good if a combined forum could be created where opposition to these unwanted developments, and others like them, could be forcefully expressed.

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