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Deakin park named to honour poet Rosemary Dobson

Deakin park named to honour poet Rosemary Dobson

From Canberra Times 10 December 2013

Although left a little under-reported because of the weekend’s revolutionary and newsworthy same-sex weddings (not even journalists can be everywhere at once), there was another revolutionary ACT achievement celebrated on Saturday afternoon.

Burghers of ”newer” Deakin, augmented by Environment and Sustainable Development Minister Simon Corbell, other dignitaries and sports stars, staged a family day embracing the official naming of a hitherto unnamed (and therefore orphaned) local park. Now this little space next to where Strickland Crescent liaises with Norman and Lawley streets in Deakin is Rosemary Dobson Park. Dobson’s son, Robert Bolton, was at the ceremony. It is Deakin’s Christmas present to itself and, as you can see, the new park’s post and plaque were Christmas wrapped for the occasion. More…



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