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ISCCC Alert and Call to Action on Massive Proposed Fyshwick Waste Facilities

The ISCCC and our member residents groups, in cooperation with the Fyshwick Business Association and other stakeholders, are organising a major campaign to respond to massive proposed waste facilities in Fyshwick that will be just hundreds of metres from residents’ homes and surrounded by businesses, with implications for their employees and customers.


In response to the ACT Government advice on 3 July that it had accepted the EIS for the CRS waste facility in Ipswich Street, Fyshwick, paving the way for CRS to lodge a development application, the ISCCC calls on the ACT Government to:

  1. Establish an air quality monitoring station in Fyshwick.
  2. Consider the cumulative impact of current and proposed waste facilities in Fyshwick.
  3. Extend the amount of time provided for the community to comment on the

    expected Development Application by CRS from the standard 15 working days to 40 working days in view of the massive amount of documentation the community will need to absorb and respond to.

  4. Commit to change the ACT Territory Plan so that such major waste facilities are prohibited as a land use in Fyshwick.

Have your say on proposed 1.1 million tonne waste and recycling facility in Fyshwick

Have your say on the proposed massive 1.1 million tonne waste and recycling facility next to Domayne and near Bunnings in Fyshwick. This is in addition to the existing CRS proposal for a waste facility off Ipswich Street in Fyshwick. The proponents are Hi-Quality Group and they are holding three…

Investing in streetscapes and open green spaces is more important than ever

An online survey by the Inner South Canberra Community Council conducted before the COVID-19 crisis, found 71 percent of respondents highly value the street trees, vegetation, gardens and wide streets that make up the streetscapes of Inner South suburbs and 69 percent also highly value recreation spaces such as parks, ovals and bushland