Fluffy dual occupancy changes set for green light

Canberra Times July 2015

Planning changes allowing dual occupancy on Fluffy blocks look set to go ahead despite some vehement opposition, after the planning directorate recommended the green light.

The change will allow dual occupancy on the properties where Fluffy homes are being demolished for all blocks bigger than 700 square metres. Currently, dual occupancy is only allowed on 800 square metre blocks. The change will also allow the Fluffy blocks to be unit-titled and sold as two separate properties, whereas dual occupancy rules elsewhere don’t allow the subdivision. More…

ISCCC submission on National Capital Plan exposure draft

The ISCCC has submitted a detailed response on 21 July 2015  to the exposure draft of the National Capital Plan.

The ISCCC commends the NCA on the thoroughness and care with which the exposure draft has been prepared.  While there are some aspects with which we have concerns, as discussed below, we are satisfied with the majority of the draft and appreciate the way in which it attempts to balance and resolve a number of difficult issues and competing interests. More…

Caring for Inner South waterways: Information sessions in July

Waterways are important for how we live.  Would you like to know more about what is happening with our rivers and lakes?   Would you like to have a say?   Read more here about information sessions in July and August. There will be an information sessions about Yarralumla Creek on 29 July at Hughes Community Centre, and Jerrabomberra Creek on 30 July at Jerrabomberra Wetlands.  For meeting times and more information More…

Critics label Fluffy scheme unfair, confused and unlikely to save any lives

Canberra Times May 27 2015

Asbestos Taskforce head Andrew Kefford has rejected suggestions that the Mr Fluffy buyback scheme is unjustified, given the cost and health risks.

Mr Kefford said health was only one of the reasons to buyback and demolish Canberra’s 1021 Fluffy homes.

He was responding to the Inner South Community Council, whose chairman Gary Kent questioned whether the $1 billion program would save a single life, and said the plan to allow dual occupancy on Fluffy blocks is unfair on the elderly, the less well-off and neighbours. More…